More stuff coming

I updated my very popular Memory Status and Memory Status Pro this week. I now have over 200000 downloads. Thank you all. If you want to support my software projects, please buy the pro version.

Anyway… a lot of new projects. I am working on 5-10 things at the same time. Yeah I am hyper-active sometimes when it comes to working on things. I am also writing 2 books Confused smile So busy.

Anyway… I got a Windows RT Surface and I will also be getting the Pro version a bit later in the year and I am actively developing on that at the moment. It is going very well and I will release some stuff in the near future. I have been working on a rather interesting puzzle game and implementing a mini lightweight physics engine for that. Kinda fun. And I did some small porting test to my new WP8 and it also seems to work, so I am hopeful for a dual release.

A very mysterious screenshot included.


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WM8 and the future

SO I got myself a WP8 (HTC 8X) and a Surface tablet to develop on. Both are working like a dream and I especially like the integration between Surface and my W8 PC. The Surface keyboard is also great, I might even get the pro version in the future to do some development.

So what is coming in 2013 (and maybe 2012). I have about 4-5 projects I am working on. New, updated versions of some of my WM7 apps (Memory Status seems to be running pretty well on WM8 but I will do a small update). Expect some games as well and I am even prototyping a Win RT game that is quite unique in many ways and might really become a big hit if I am lucky. I am pleased with some of the ideas that have matured in my brain during long traffic jams.

I always carry my trusted Moleskin notebook with me to write down ideas. I think I have about 50 pages of quick notes for different projects. Not all of them software related ofc.

It is good to be a developer at the moment. So many fun things to do.

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My Cloud and the new SkyDrive

Well the day My Cloud was released Microsoft decided to change the amount of storage space SkyDrive users get, so I have submitted a patch to version 1.1 of My Cloud to take this into account. I also fixed a small bug that apparently failed to examine the last folder on you SkyDrive storage. This resulted for some people in rather wrong statistics.

New patch should be on the marketplace end of the week.

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New app – Skydrive memory

A have just submitted my third app to the marketplace and it should be up in a few days. I am quiet pleased with the result. basically it is a kind of follow-up to my very popular (10K downloads! Keep it up) memory Status application. This time my app will analyse the files on your Skydrive account and present them in a neat pie-chart (the same improved pie-char that you can find in Memory Status Pro).

Technically it was quite fun to program this. Some interesting challenges and some new concept to wrestle with. I hope it will be virtually waterproof and work well on all WP7 phones. I also think it is very useful. I usually only write apps that I need myself and I always wanted to have a much better view of my Skydrive account. So here you go. A “pro” version will arrive in a few weeks adding a useful statistics page and removing all ads of course.

I will leave you with a screenshot.


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Adjust your memory

Don’t forget that Memory Status (and Pro) might not detect the amount of memory in your device correctly. This is a limitation that I am trying to work around but for now, when the total amount is not correct, go to settings and change it manually. Memory Status will then remember this setting.


Move this slider.

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New version of Memory Status Pro

Thank you everybody that has and/or is downloading the Pro version of Memory Status. This version originally was the ad-free version because quite a bit of people were asking for this (I understand if you don’t like ads). So especially for you I made a new version 2.0 with a better looking pie-chart, slightly improved speed and a toggle option to only display your media files (songs and pictures).

Video cannot be calculated by Memory Status Pro since there is no way I can get that information from the phone atm. I guess when Microsoft changes this I will add it as soon as possible.

Here is a screenshot:


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New stuff

So my second application has been submitted and should be appearing on the marketplace this week. When that happens I will write another entry with some screenshots and a short description. Memory Status is doing pretty well and I am getting a lot of positive feedback. As a result I have also submitted a pay version called Memory Status Pro. This version is identical to the free version but does not have advertisements (a lot of people seem to hate them so…). The free version will also be updated to Version 1.1 this week. Some small bugfixes and tweaks to the about screen.

So what about games? 😉

Well I am happy to state that we are working on about 4-5 games and I am pretty happy with all of them. They seem to be very playable and ideal for mobile platforms. Two of them are close to being completed. More about that later.

Tools and utility wise I also have about 4-5 apps in development. Almost all of them will be free versions with advertisements and some of them will get a “Pro” pay version if people ask for it.

Should be a productive year… WP7 is so easy to develop for that I am doing this with a big smile on my face 😉

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