Invader of the Day Pro

Invader of the Day Pro is now in validation. It should be available in about a week.

Some of the new features:

  • Generate an Invader based on your location. This is a so called “Pokemon” feature, because there are only a few 1000 invaders to discover on planet Earth. In the app you can see which ones you have found, and where you found them. I think I will add a feature where you can upload them to a server and see how many have been discovered on a world map.
  • You can now also use you own pictures as a background for the invader fleet.
  • And I added some extra features to the display screen.
  • Oh yeah, of course, this version has no ads and updates your lock screen automatically every day. How cool is that?

Once the app is on the marketplace I will publish the documentation.

Then I am starting work on the Invader version for Windows 8, my new physics game and a social app I developed with some friends. Busy busy…

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