Invader of the Day

Tired of boring lockscreens? Want something original? Love the 80s?

Invader of the Day will give you a procedurally generated lockscreen that is different every time you want.

There are zillions of weird alien invaders all over the galaxy and some of them will invade your phone.

The generated lockscreen can also display the real moon phase. Handy for the werewolves amongst us.

You can also save your creation to your phone media library and share it with other people.

When starting up the app will ask you if it can change your lock screen background. If you don’t answer yes, you will only be able to use this app to save to your media library.

The settings screen will generate your lock screen background depending on the settings you choose. Play around a bit to experiment by tapping on the preview screen. If you like what you see, you can just leave the app and that picture will be used as a background. You can also click on the save icon in the bottom app bar and save to your media library. Then you can share your strange invader with the world or use it in another app.

Have fun… and please buy the pro version (coming begin of May) to support more development.


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